This pages showcases some of my digital work. I have an open-first mentality, preferring to see people find use or take inspiration from my work rather than restrict access. If you make use of my materials, I’d love to know about it and share it. Let me know if you want more resources than those provided through the website (illustrator or SVG files, source code). I’ll see how I can help you out.

On this page:

Short resume

2018 - Present
PhD candidate on privacy governance.
2021 - Present
Privacy Officer
2018 - 2021
Advisor cloud, security & privacy. Primarily strategy and governance.
2014 - Present
Personal business for consulting and web development work.
Friso van Dijk
2017 - 2018
IT traineeship, worked on cloud readiness and agile adoption.
2016 - 2017
Research intern during my master thesis project on cloud maturity.
2015 - 2017
MSc Business & IT, specialisation IT Management & Innovation, Cum Laude

(Web) development

I started building websites when I was 13, back when the internet was a very different place. After some experimentation I picked up popular open-source systems like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB, Symfony, Zend and whatever else was popular. I wanted to try them all and every project included something new. Alone or with some online friends I worked on incrementally more complex news and review blogs, forums, webpages and small applications.

Much of that history is lost unfortunately. As a teenager, archiving and long-term planning was not a priority, so I can't showcase it. Over time I expanded from PHP to Java, Python and now primarily use JavaScript. Anyway, here's some of my more recent work.

My personal website and blog. You're here now.

Technologies: Metalsmith, Handlebars, TailwindCSS, PostCSS

Travian Tools

A set of more complex Vue calculators for the browser game Travian, initially created during the March 2020 lockdown. With over 1000 monthly users I keep iterating on user feedback and ideas. Live version Github

Technologies: VueJS, TailwindCSS


Archived projects are no longer actively maintained and are not guaranteed to work.


I picked up illustration software a few years ago and started creating images for my own blog posts. These are some of my personal favourites, and the rest you can find all throughout my website.

All of my illustrations are available under the Creative Commons License 4.0. You are free to use it with clearly displayed attribution. Proper attribution is either a link to my homepage or the page the image came from.

Illustration of a skull with patterns Infographic displaying the copyright fingerprinting process A computer worm infecting a file Snakelike creatures with a large eye on the end inspecting personal data Voting booths for a referendum Illustration of a smiling man with his brain showing and food in the background