Web application for the University of Twente

Posted 1st Dec, 2016 in Web development

The University of Twente came to me with the request to digitise their modulemap. This was a large overview of all bachelor programs and the courses they follow each quartile. We decided on a custom web application to increase maintainability and control over data.

Master thesis at METRI: Cloud Maturity

Posted 16th Nov, 2016 in General

As of November 14 2016, I started a research internship at METRI. During this internship, I will work on a maturity model for cloud computing. The primary goal of the model is to serve as a tool for IT management to get a grip on the organisational changes to cloud computing.

First place in Supply Chain Hackathon

Posted 29th Oct, 2015 in General

The University of Twente organised the third Supply Chain Hackathon on October 23rd. During this event student teams of analysts, designers and developers got the opportunity to show their skills in solving a number of challenging real-world supply chain cases whilst making use of real-world data provided by participating companies.

Website MMT 2015

Posted 21st Jun, 2015 in General

For a tournament at DHC Drienerlo I created a website for teams to sign up and get all necessary information. The template of the old DHC Drienerlo website has been used and placed on a WordPress installation.

Website Jacob Bakker

Posted 30th Mar, 2015 in General

The website for GBI Jacob Bakker IJzerhandel B.V. is online. The website is built on the GBI template, inspired by their standard website. The front-end has been made responsive and has been put on a WordPress back-end.

Website Stephanie Nijkamp

Posted 5th Mar, 2015 in General

It's been a while, but it finally arrived: the personal site for travel advisor Stephanie Nijkamp: mobielreisadvies.com. It has been built in the exact style of The Travel Club, the organisation she's a member of, but the back-end of the website is totally different.